Children's Film Academy


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Children’s Film Academy (GYUFA)

is a Budapest based institution that deals with production, education and distribution of children film. Gyufa is member of the European Children’s Film Association.

Gyufa was founded by film director Nóra Lakos in 2013. For now a team of young filmmakers work together in the framework of the Academy. Gyufa organizes film workshops for children and young people in the field of live action, animation and VR. Also Gyufa focuses on making films with mobile. We encourage the new generation to use their mobile as a creative tool for creating art.

Gyufa products online, tv content and films for children and youth in Hungary.

Gyufa is about to launch the first edition of Budapest International Children’s Film Festival (Cinemira) in April 6th-8th of 2018.

Through production, education and distribution of children films, Gyufa encourages the young film makers and audience to respect their own rights and those of others, to respect cultural diversity and find their own voice by creating audio visual materials.

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