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The team of Children’s Film Academy is made up of professionals who are active members of the Hungarian and international film community, created award-winning works and all share the belief in the importance of reviving the children’s film genre in Hungary. Through their collective professional knowledge and experience, our intsturctors help realizing the children’s own film ideas on screen. The team includes professional directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, animators and production managers.


Lakos_NóraNóra Lakos

Nóra is the founder of Children’s Film Academy, where she’s also one of the instructors. She’s a movie director and also the founder of CINEMIRA International Children’s Film Festival. Her works include several award winning shorts and documentaries. She completed her feature debut in 2018.

I’ve been teaching screen acting and filmmaking for children since 2011. I believe here at Fimjatszo we’re creating valuable, exciting films from a fresh perspective, which honestly represent how children and teenagers see and experience everyday life.


TimkaTimka Szabó

Timka is the co-founder of Filmjatszo and a production manager.

During the past 10 years of my career I’ve worked with children many times. At Filmjatszo the children can creatively collaborate on each other’s film ideas and develop them together. Because of this, it’s very enjoyable from them to belong to this community.

Somogyi_GyörgyGyörgy Somogyi

Gyuri is a writer and screenwriter. His works include screenplays and teleplays for many award-winning shorts and tv movies.

I’ve got introduced to Filmjatszo in 2015, through the participation of my son. I loved it here from the beginning because I soon realized that Filmjatszo is a community where children can learn the basics of filmmaking and storytelling in a fun way. Here, the smart-phone technology is a creative tool and children use it in order to create lasting works, to create something that will make them truly proud.

Haragonincs SáriSári Haragonincs 

Sári is a documentary filmmaker, director and editor. Currently she’s working on her first feature-lenght documentary.

I joined Filmjatszo in 2016. I think it’s very important to help develop the visual perspective
from a young age. The children use their own stories during the workshops which strengthens the feeling of acceptance toward each other, and helps them to express their feelings and also their problems.

furedi_marciMarci Füredi

Marci has studied animation and works as a cinematographer of commercials and documentaries.

I’ve been with Filmjatszo since 2016. I help children to develop animated shorts and music videos based on their own concepts.

ascher-karolyKároly Ascher 

Károly joined Filmjatszo in 2017.


Horváth BálintBálint Horváth

Balint is the communication manager of Filmjatszo and CINEMIRA. He also works as a journalist and film critic for Filmhu, the Hungarian movie site.

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