Film Workshops

Weekly filmmaking workshops in Budapest for kids between the ages of 10-14 and teenagers between the age of 14-18.

Creative writing course

Weekly creative writing course for teenagers between the age of 14-18 in Budapest.


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At our filmmaking workshops the children can develop their creativity in a complex way. Participants get introduced to basics of shooting movies, and learn how to make movies in different genres, such as animations, documentaries, interviews and music videos. They can take on the role of the cameraperson, director, screenwriter or actor and become familiar with the use of free film editing and animation software and green screen effects. This way the children learn how to use everyday electronic devices (cellphones, small cameras and computer) for creating their own stories.

Watch your own movie on the big screen!

At the end of each semester we present the films in a real movie theater! Premier, big screen, popcorn!

Register here for the spring semester. Choose your workshop from the timetable below. The new semester begins on February 3th, 2020. 

Dates, Venues

Augusztus végén frissül