Child Actor Casting

Each year more than 200 children and teenagers between the age of 10-18 participate in the filmmaker workshops of Children’s Film Academy. The children learn the basic principles of filmmaking and also take on the various roles of cast and crew, from directing to acting. This way they became familiar with the situation being on a set and also gain experience in how to act and appear naturally in front of the camera.

Many participants of our workshops welcome the challenge and experience that comes from appearing in films and commercials. In the past years we often helped the casting of local film productions, which led to students of the Children’s Film Academy appearing in roles of movies and television shows.

Throughout our child actor casting service we recommend the child actors who frequent our workshops. If needed, we also organize casting calls to find the most suitable young actors for your production.

For more information please contact our casting director.


Károly Ascher – Casting director