At Cinemira International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, we screen the world’s most outstanding short films and motion pictures for children ages 4-12 and teenagers ages 13-18. The whole family can also take part in several film workshops at the festival.

Cinemira is the only film festival in Hungary specifically for children and adolescents. At this unique event, we will screen some of the world’s most outstanding films for young audiences. In addition, the audience can meet popular domestic actors and film directors, international series stars, try themselves as a film actor, stuntman or even a dancer in film workshops, and even take part in a real casting.

Cinemira doubled down with two events for young audience for two weekends. Cinemira TEEN is for teenagers at Corvin Cinemia, while Cinemira KIDS is for children ages at 4-12 at Kristaly.

The hourly film program features short films for children ages 4-12 and 13-18. Digitally renovated versions of the legendary Hungarian children’s films debut here. Our panoramic program includes the most outstanding international films for children.

The festival is interactive: the whole family can try themselves in film, animation, dance, make-up and stunt workshops. Film performances for children introduce the audience to the secrets of dubbing, among other things, or they can even hear about the mysteries of casting from film professionals. You can find information about the programs on our website and on our website.

Cinemira plays an important role in reviving children’s film traditions in Hungary, therefore it organizes professional programs for filmmakers. We have launched the Junior Pitch Forum, where young people aged 14-18 present their plans to a professional audience and a jury, so plans that come from the target audience are also presented to decision makers.

Cinemira will continue the Children ‘s Film Pitch Forum, where the creators will present the latest TV and feature film plans for Hungarian children to a professional jury, television buyers and film sponsors. The best plans win a development cash prize.

Cinemira International Children’s and Youth Film Festival:

October 20-29th, 2023.

Cinemira TEEN:

October 21-22th, 2023.

Cinemira KIDS:

October 28-29th, 2023.